Last week’s training camp

So last week saw the first training camp with our new (interim) coaches, Joe and Nigel, who are taking us through the Europeans.  We’re all so greatful that they have said they have the time to do this, between them they have a ton of experience and I look forward to learning some new things from them.  It was also my first camp back at full(ish) training.  I started out the Wednesday by getting up at 6am and having to have Josh and I ready to go by 7 to make sure I dropped him off at my sisters in time for me to then get to camp on time…The Wednesday started off with a meeting with the new Performance Director Paul Davies, he seems really nice and wants the best for us, and I truly believe he will do everything in his power to get us to where we all think we should be.  Then the training session was, to be honest, a bit slow, but as Joe and Nigel hadn’t coached many of us before they were getting used to what level people were at.  I managed to do the whole of the Wednesday session, probably not the best idea, but as it wasn’t too high tempo I felt ok.

Thursday was a lot better, JJ and Nige were a lot less nervous and pushed us a bit more.  We decided on a new warm-up together as a team and there was great hilarity when the first drill we wanted to do none of us could remember how to run it…whoops!  We think we have it now, but going to run through it this week to make sure!  It did take a bit more working on after lunch, you know like, what drills were we actually doing and not just guessing our way through it!!  Oh how could I forget the 7am shooting session we did?! So so tired!  Hate early mornings, but I need to work on my shooting, being out for a few months meant I was a little rusty, but not as bad as I first thought, the morning went quite well, but decided to not do the pre-lunch session so I could get some physio and rest my shoulder for a bit.

Thursday afternoon I did some more training and was actually feeling pretty good.  However, I was instructed not to partake in the fitness test, which I actually felt bad about, the girls looked so sad!  I was a cheerleader on the side of the court though, making them push faster – that was quite fun!  I then dipped in and out of training in the evening and thinking we had longer than we did I stopped but it was only for like 15 minutes before everyone else – still I felt like I was being a good girl!  We were learning lots of different things and being shown how to do stuff we always have done but in a different way, which I think is always a good thing, the more ways you know how to tackle a problem/situation be it offence or defence is always a good thing – means if  you try it the way you always have done and it doesn’t work you have another way to tackle it.  Sounds really simple, I know, but it’s easy to forget that you don’t know everything and sometimes you need prompting that they way you do it is not just the only way it can be done.

Friday I missed the morning session again, I was tired and my shoulder was aching, and because we had a league game the next day as well (plus we only had 6 players going) I wanted to make sure I could do some training in the afternoon and be able to turn around and play the game I decided that it was best to get some physio first, then do some training.  We played a game against each other and I felt really good.  The team was selected after this for the tournament we have against The Netherlands this week, well done to the youngsters who did get selected for their first tournament with GB.  I want to send a virtual hug to the girls who didn’t get selected.  Don’t give up hope, please xxx

After I had been to the toilet for what felt like the millionth time I headed home to spend some time with Mikey, Josh was going to be at my sisters house (thanks again sis and nieces!) till the Sunday. He had been working all day and neither of us felt like cooking, and I KNOW it’s bad, but we ordered in Chinese…so shoot me!  It was blumming yummy though ;)!

Saturday saw us drive up to Sheffield for our game against the Jaguars…and it was our home game…we normally play our home games in Nottingham, but due to some league fixture shuffles and we were meant to be playing Sheffield on that day as well – but they pulled out, we had to keep the time and court due to lack of referees!! Confused, I was!

We started out the game really really well, everynoe was shooting well, defending very well…but I think after half time fatigue set in, not just in body but in our minds as well.  It was a shame as I think we could have won that game, but coming off a 3 day camp into a game with only 6 players – it was tough.  Loads of positives to take from it, and a few negatives…well not negatives, things we can do better.

We have games against The Netherlands this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Walsall Campus of Wolverhampton University, the schedule is on the right hand side of the page if you are on the PC or at the very bottom if you’re on a mobile device – I really hope a lot of you can come and watch!

Love & Hugs
S x

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One response to “Last week’s training camp

  • Lizzy

    Really wanted to come up and watch the girls, again other commitments, so no can do!!! Good luck, be rooting for you back home😛 xx

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